We are multiracial, multicultural, and LGBTQ progressive voices committed to transforming our community through positive collaborative, democratic, non-violent, grassroots, issue-based civic engagement in Alabama.

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Our principle allies are progressive, faith-based, student, environmental, civic and community development organizations, unions and advocacy groups working to form broad-based alliances for civic engagement.

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Our Cause


AC SEJ’s goals include efforts to:

  • Foster community dialogue and social action to create an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future for all, instead of a culture that “deals a stacked deck” to primarily benefit the wealthiest few;
  • Stand in opposition to the hate-filled attacks on the people and issues we champion;
  • Focus on structural change rather than simply seeking to engage in defensive, band aid approaches that do not address the root causes of our problems;
  • To the extent permitted by law engage in candidate and issue based electoral campaigns and regulatory policies;
  • Reach out to those that have not normally been part of our coalitions;
  • Expand our base by forming alliances with like-minded people;
  • Have the wisdom when expanding the base and forming alliances to put the  interests of the common good over those of individuals or organization;
  • Think globally and act locally.


We will strive for and support, among other things:

  • Social and economic justice for vulnerable communities;
  • Civil and constitutional rights of everyone, including the rights of those we stand with;
  • Living wage jobs and the economic well being of the whole rather than the wealthy few;
  • Environmental principles that protect our earth and people;
  • Health care for all at affordable rates;
  • Police that place the interests of people over property; no police misconduct
  • Right to quality education, affordable housing (minimize displacement and gentrification) and public transportation;
  • Trade agreements that work for the good of workers, community, and the environment.
  • Campaign finance reform that prevents corporations and the wealthy from unduly influencing elections and public policy;
  • A foreign policy that fosters peace and not exploitation.
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Just Mobile

Just Mobile, a project of ACSEJ, is a city-based coalition of forward-thinking citizens engaging neighbors in learning more about how policy impacts our lives. Our goal is to harness our collective voting power to elect Mayoral and City Council candidates who will implement a “Just” agenda that best serves all Mobilians.

OUR AGENDA: We Believe In…


. . . Just Economics

Living wages for all, and a government that empowers citizens to direct and protect our economic lives — without bias based on race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), national origin, age, or disability — for Mobile’s overall economic well-being.

. . . Just Environmental Protections

Citizens’ right to clean water, air, and land, with access to and enjoyment of public lands and water fronts, plus protection from corporate greed that endangers citizens’ public health/safety, diminishing future growth.

. . . Just Law Enforcement

Reinforcing the Police Advisory Panel with subpoena power and other supportive measures to prevent loss of life involving law enforcement.

. . . Just City Budget

Citizen-centered funding that supports social and economic programs aligned with community values that prioritize “the least of these” and enhance a quality of life to make Mobile one of the most livable cities.

. . . Just Education

A free public education that is suited to the needs of the individual child regardless of zip code as an investment in the student as well as Mobile’s pool of citizens, and that all schools receive equitable funding/resources.

. . . Just Immigration

Human dignity of immigrants and refugees, regardless of status or country of origin, and a people-centered approach that “welcomes the stranger” and their families to add their strengths and talents to our city.

. . . Just Healthcare

Medicaid expansion in Alabama and that all citizens have the right to access a healthcare system that is comprehensive and respectful.


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