Our Cause


AC SEJ’s goals include efforts to:

  • Foster community dialogue and social action to create an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future for all, instead of a culture that “deals a stacked deck” to primarily benefit the wealthiest few;
  • Stand in opposition to the hate-filled attacks on the people and issues we champion;
  • Focus on structural change rather than simply seeking to engage in defensive, band aid approaches that do not address the root causes of our problems;
  • To the extent permitted by law engage in candidate and issue based electoral campaigns and regulatory policies;
  • Reach out to those that have not normally been part of our coalitions;
  • Expand our base by forming alliances with like-minded people;
  • Have the wisdom when expanding the base and forming alliances to put the  interests of the common good over those of individuals or organization;
  • Think globally and act locally.


We will strive for and support, among other things:

  • Social and economic justice for vulnerable communities;
  • Civil and constitutional rights of everyone, including the rights of those we stand with;
  • Living wage jobs and the economic well being of the whole rather than the wealthy few;
  • Environmental principles that protect our earth and people;
  • Health care for all at affordable rates;
  • Police that place the interests of people over property; no police misconduct
  • Right to quality education, affordable housing (minimize displacement and gentrification) and public transportation;
  • Trade agreements that work for the good of workers, community, and the environment.
  • Campaign finance reform that prevents corporations and the wealthy from unduly influencing elections and public policy;
  • A foreign policy that fosters peace and not exploitation.